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Rokmen Gas Tank Skid Plate

Part #: RM21001
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97-06 Jeep TJ/LJ: Gas Tank Skid Plate

**This item is in stock, please allow 2-3 business days to ship**


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**This item is in stock, please allow 2-3 business days to ship**

This is an inexpensive and simple bolt on modification that will protect your investment and keep you moving down the trail.

The ROKMEN gas tank skid plate increases your ground clearance by 1.5" inches over stock. at the same time increaseing the level of protection of your gas tank and sending unit significantly over the flimsy stock skid plate. Giving you the piece of mind needed to attack the toughest of obstacles.

Constructed from high grade steel that is Laser cut, Robotically CNC formed, and then fully hand TIG welded for the highest quality gas tank skid available.

- Full replacement skid for 97-06' TJ/LJ Jeeps®
- 1.5" of additional ground clearance
- 1" of additional clearance behind the diff cover
- Made from 3/16" steel for superior toughness
- Formed sump allows proper operation of stock fuel pump sending unit.
- Bare Steel Finish
- Fully TIG welded


- Fits all 97-06' TJ/LJ's with a 1/2" or more body lift for maximum clearance.

**This item is in stock, please allow 2-3 business days to ship**

**Using the ROKMEN skid without a body lift on any year vehicle could cause unsafe conditions such as chaffed or damaged fuel lines and is not recommended.

Vehicle Type Jeep TJ, Jeep LJ
Manufacturer Rokmen

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  1. Solid Skid Review by Shawn

    Easy install with 1/2" body lift. Took a quick look at the helpful install video and it went right up and in place with everything lining up perfectly. Ive had this on for a bit now and enjoyed the added confidence in knowing my tank is perfectly protected. Plus it looks great for the added bonus. (Posted on 1/21/2019)

  2. Excellent Review by Doug

    I recently purchased and installed this Rokmen Gas Tank Skid in my '99 TJ. The skid arrived quickly, i felt bad priming and painting it as it is a piece of art, probably should have just cleared it!
    Install was a snap and this thing is legit! Very happy, fit and finish is excellent for a well engineered product. (Posted on 11/9/2018)

  3. Won’t be denting this one Review by Richard

    Nice skid that fits as it should. My “notes” on my install... the tank straps have to be skid all the way through the skid because the holes are not the same size as the factory one. No big deal just have to drill out the 4 rivets on straps for plastic spacers. Second I broke one of the retainer clips for my return line, autozone and orielys say they don’t carry it but they do. It’s a Dorman product 800-041. With that said I would just pick them up before you drop the tank, old brittle plastic is likely to break. (Posted on 11/4/2018)

  4. Heavy duty is an understatement Review by Craig

    The product fits perfect no issues in the install will a 1/2 body lift. Very solid in construction and quality of work and materials. Highly recommend this product as well as the other skids. (Posted on 11/16/2016)

  5. Put this on and you will start to learn how to not have hard landings. Review by MIke

    yeah i used to not mind landing on the stock gas tank skid it was a soft squishy landing... whereas you install this and its bone crunching teeth gritting landing and you learn how to not do that anymore. (Posted on 5/20/2015)

  6. Stout Review by Rick

    Easy install, better clearance (even with spacers), and can sure take a beating. (Posted on 7/11/2014)

  7. Superb fit and finish! Review by Mike R.

    The first landing on the gas tank skid was Painful as i was used to the Squish of the factory joke of a skidplate, It rattled my teeth and gave me a shiver up my spine..... then i Smiled! No more wondering which landing would break my fuel pump.
    The fit and finish of the skidplate was unbelievable in that it went rite in after i installed the gas tank in to it and i did flip the straps to keep them from digging into the tank welded new carrage bolts to the end of the straps as the bolts snapped off as expected. Took about 2 hours. (Posted on 3/12/2014)

  8. One tough skid plate! Review by Mike G

    Another product ace, once again. Easy to install with a great fit. Gave it 4 coats of Durabak and it looks great! Thanks again Rokmen! (Posted on 10/30/2013)

  9. Better Than Expected! Review by Fred

    Crushed my '97 TJ's factory skid coming off a ledge. Put on a Rokmen fuel tank skid plate and started crushing rocks. It's pretty scraped up from running over boulders, but no dings or dimples. It's a pleasure to own a piece of equipment that performs better than you thought it would! (Posted on 10/1/2013)

  10. Made for abuse, Looks like a custom show piece! Review by Charles

    Installed the ROKMEN GTS when I put on my lift and ROKMEN spring relocation kit. I was amazed at how everything lined up perfectly for install and how the GTS hugged the tank so closely giving me the most room in back for my JKS trac bar. Also, the beautiful tig welds were so dang nice I felt bad covering them with powder coat...
    ROKMEN perfection as usual! Built to take a beating but looks like a runway model! (Posted on 7/21/2013)

  11. Awesome Review by Ryan

    I am rocking it and it worked great, gave me the extra clearance I needed for my 8.8 cover and is super beefy. Great value. (Posted on 7/19/2013)

  12. Top-notch build quality and straighforward install Review by el jefe

    Tough and beautiful work. Connections to tank came apart just as video showed, I chose to remove the chassis end of the high pressure fuel line. On Rubicon they decided filler neck was a great place to zip-tie rear rocker and axle breather tubes so rather than pull that tangle removed the filler neck at the tank. Install went quicker than removal, tough to balance on jack to align F/R bolts for do-it-yourself. LOOKS GREAT - 1-1/2" clearance gain by measurement. (Posted on 8/2/2012)

  13. Awesome! Review by Tony Helms

    I asked and received a Rokmen gas tank skid for my 1997 Wrangler TJ for Christmas. I installed it yesterday and it is AWSOME!!! The quality of the piece is outstanding and the fit was perfect!! Now I'm going to hat to scratch it up because it looks so good! Thanks again for a outstanding product at a outstanding price! (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  14. good product, straight forward install Review by Rorshach

    No issues with installation, i would recommend you disconnect the fuel line from the hard line at the frame, left front corner of tank, rather than on the tank itself, just easier that way is all. Run the Jeep almost out of gas first, less weight IN the tank. So far ... indestructible. (Posted on 12/25/2011)

  15. Quick and Easy! Review by Lindsay Cole

    Installed it today with a helper. Had it installed in less than an hour. I have no qualms that this will hold up to a tough beating. I fully recommend this! (Posted on 7/9/2011)

  16. Takes a beating Review by Ian

    Installed this on my 97 almost 3 years ago. I learned to wheel rocks with this skid installed so needless to say it got used...a lot! It's got a few scratches here and there. I've had the full weight of the Jeep slam down on it more than a few times and there isn't a dent anywhere. Beautiful welds on this. I felt guilty covering them with paint! (Posted on 3/18/2011)

  17. Solid and easy to install Review by Steve

    Very solid skid and easy to install. I loved they fact that the instructions were online video instructions, made it easy. I did the install myself in about 3-4 hours, would have been even easier with a helper. (Posted on 3/17/2011)

  18. Heavy duty Review by Chief

    I bought the gas tank skid plate a couple of years ago. I'm very impressed with the quility and the looks of it. I like how clean the welds are. I liked them enough to put on a jeep sticker on the back and did 5 coats of clear to show it off. It's done very well with the abuse I have put it though.I would buy another one if I needed to and recommend it to anyone that was a good strong gas tank skid plate. (Posted on 3/9/2011)

  19. Stylin solid gas tank skid Review by Mike

    Fits like a glove on the tank. Spacer kit was a pain to add the longer screws. Even with the spacers I gained clearance and it should stand up well versus the stock. (Posted on 3/8/2011)

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